THE LITTLE GIRL (Sunday, August 26, 2012)

‘’Little girl, little girl
Tell me
Where are you?
I called you yesterday morning
You did not show up to play’’

I’m busy
Too busy to play
Summer’s almost gone
The trees are waiting for me
To paint the leaves
With a palette from yellow to red
The North Wind will soon pick me up
And accompany in this dance
Hopping here
Hopping there
Bending right
Bending left
Turning in
Turning out
What a fun!
Come and join me

‘’Little girl, little girl
Tell me
What’s the reward?
A big house full of toys
Is what I’d settle for’’

I’m sorry
Really sorry that
All you would get is a rainbow crown
To shine day and night
A clear water drop at the tip of the leaf
To see the whole world in
A soft melody
To take you to the Golden Time
On the wings of a butterfly
Oh, I forgot!
A beautiful necklace of sun-dried bell peppers and eggplants
Gifted to the garden fence
And the sweet smell of tomato paste
To flood in the memories of forgotten times

‘’Little girl, little girl
Tell me
Where is your mother?
She will be mad at you
When she sees your dirty dress’’

I don’t know
Really don’t know
How long it has been since I last saw her
A slender figure
Not very tall
Tawny hair fastened at the neck
Thin fingers short nails
A mole on the inner aspect of each of her elbows
The right one on the upper
The left on the lower part
Her bosom soft and warm
My Pillow
Fragile arms
My Blanket I was afraid would break
I remember tears rolling down her cheeks
But not her eyes
Looking at me
Neither her voice
Lullabying me

‘’Little girl, little girl
Tell me
Where are you?
I will be your friend
And hold your hand’’

You can’t be my friend
You really can’t
I am now
Under the Thick Snow
Deep asleep.


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