NIGHT-SAILING (Tuesday, August 28, 2012)

As the night slowly settles in
Throwing her cloak over the house
A faint joy covers my soul
The kitty’s fast asleep beside
She purrs when I tickle her neck

Time to get up
Time to move out

I step my foot carefully on the floor
And wriggle out of the quilt
Afraid to wake her up
Five steps and I’m at the stairs
The ritual is a silent swear
When the fourth from the top creaks
Finally I’m on the ground floor
No light on
But I reach for the keys
Hanging on the knob of the closet
The door is not locked
Nor the hinges squeak

Time to go out
Time to move on

Now I’m home
Dipping my feet in cool water
I smile
The boat smiles
A few maneuvers and we’re out in the sea
Eager to see what it will bring to me
The moonlight is all I need
And a refrain stuck in my head:
‘’Oh Girl
You stand by me
I’m forever yours

Time to sail away
Time to carry on

I release the net slowly
While the boat draws a wide circle
Stirring on the mirror surface
Weaves a beautiful lace
Pearl white
French lace
On the wedding dress
Slightly flared
Water drops on the net shine
Like embroidered crystals
No bride
No groom
The boat dances with me

Time to haul
Time to work

Not the least heavy
I can haul the net easily
Yet it’s swollen
Filled completely
A productive night it has been
I am happy
The boat is happy
As the inside glitters
With numerous stars entangled
The moon leaves us
Perhaps in jealousy
A spectacular scene, for sure
Bathing in the starlight
In the velvet night

Time to reap
Time to enjoy

I release the stars from the net
One by one
This is your smile
And this your soft kiss
The one I just set free is your warm hug
Here come your eyes on my eyes
Your heart beating next to mine
Your smell I take in deeply
Your hand caressing my arm
And your whisper:
‘’How soft you feel!’’

Time to sail
Time to go back

A faint joy covers my soul
The kitty’s fast asleep beside
She purrs when I tickle her neck.


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One thought on “NIGHT-SAILING (Tuesday, August 28, 2012)

  1. What a lovely scene you’ve painted. Thank you!

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