ON THE BUS (Wednesday, August 29, 2012)

A watcher behind the window of an intercity bus
Life flows
People wave hands
They hug
Some cry
With tears
Some with joy
A man of thirties
Smokes on a pile of baggage
His wife probably
Pulls the arm of a crying boy harshly
A young couple in their own universe
A girl with big and dark sunglasses texting
Wipes her cheek with a tissue paper she’s hiding in her palm
Coming togethers
The faces change
The clothes and statures
Otherwise same stuff
Same shit
Day over day
No beginning
No ending

Tired of all this hassle
The watcher is ready
She takes a deep breath
Closes her eyes behind the window of an intercity bus
Stretches her leg
It gets longer and longer
Just like a cartoon movie character!
To reach past the passengers
Past the station and the city
Heading somewhere only she knows
Where there are no hands waved
No hugs given or received
No tears shed
No messages texted
No calls expected on the other end of the line

‘’I told you
I’d have taken you here much earlier
But you were afraid
To cut the threads off
I told you
They were so weak
Only to be smashed with one hand
Like a spider web in the corner’’
Whispers the little bird

‘’Thank you’’
Replies the Watcher
‘’Thank you for easing my pain
It wasn’t a big deal as I used to believe
I didn’t have any duties to carry out
Actually there were no obligations
Keeping my feet
Firmly here
Right here
The social roles I had to play were scam
So clear now that the veil is torn apart
Not a fancy mansion to work for
Or a trip to breathtaking places
Climbing the highest peaks
Diving in the deepest seas
Neither a love to live at its fullest
Seen enough
Felt enough
Had enough’’

The Watcher smiled at the bird on her shoulder

‘’Hey, m’am, are you okay?
Any doctor on?
Somebody call 911!’’


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