THE WALTZ (Thursday, August 30, 2012)

A gray beam of light
Leaked into the gray room
From a gray world
It was near dawn
After the darkness
Just before the colors rushed
In pure joy
A moment of suspense
Between what was
And what will be
A line of ink drawn on water
A white tail the plane leaves in the blue sky
A snowflake crystal resting on the black coat
But transitional
But loosely entangled
But transforming
Degrading and gathering

Cold it was
Summer had already waved bye
The morning breeze was determined
To keep me in my cozy bed
Beneath the sheets was my shelter
I ran into each day
Overloaded with words
Questions asked
Answers given
Soiled with words

Head buried under the quilt
Dazzled by the whirling dance of the thoughts
‘’That mahogany desk is what I’ve been looking for
But the color should be nutshell to match
Darn! The dishes are still in the washing machine!
The laundry’s full with boys’ shirts and pants
I need to go away
A break from this routine to breathe
But bills should be paid
Paychecks regularly received
Still no contact from him
Were my words so harsh?
I didn’t mean to
Just needed to vent
Yes, a mid-size desk would be perfect
To write in winter
Watching the outside
Sipping black coffee
And patiently waiting for the spring to come
Under the frozen tundra
Lies a world of wonders
The silence speaks out the loudest
So the seasons come and go
So the candle of life burns out’’

A faint whisper calls my name
Not even sure a man or a woman that is
Someone I know or a stranger?
Who cares?
Takes my hand
Leads me out swiftly
From the balcony
Down to the garden
To a yellow leaf of the apple tree
For a waltz
In pure joy

A moment of suspense
Between what was
And what will be.


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