DEEP WATERS (Friday, August 31, 2012)

I could swim in deep waters
The fish touching my body
For a blink of an eye
And slippery
Silver shine
Golden shine
Turquoise shine
Small and alone
Small and in clusters
Bigger and alone
Eyes wide open
Curious to get to know
Where I come from
And where I go
Except for the moray eel
Retreating in its cove
In thoughts:
‘’A fragile creature that is
Big, yet fragile
Skin so soft and defenseless
Carries no gig to threaten
Though not welcome down here
Have seen enough of them
Most thick and dark-skinned
Big-eyed, big-footed bubblers
With a light to make me blind
Off they go
To where they belong’’

I could swim in deep waters
Where the seaweed would not grasp my leg
To pull me down
The last trace of air rises up
Chest is filled with salty water
To explode into thousands of petals and confetti
To celebrate the ‘’holy’’ union
Man in black
Woman in white
Her pink lipstick is somewhat messy
With a trace on his mouth
His aftershave on her face
As they dance
Cheek to cheek
Heart to heart
Through the velvet night
‘’I love you
More than the words could say
My sunshine
My reason for living
I’ll never leave you
Until my last breath’’

I could swim in deep waters
And lie silently on the surface when tired
The moon would dress my silver gown
Swaying gently
Like the petals of a grenadine red poppy
Welcoming the breeze from the Sea
On a steep hill
Beside a narrow path barely visible
Stands a short tree with a thick body
A flow of ants down through the crack
The silent ceremonial march of the hundreds
Behind a small coffin covered with a flag
Of this and that color
With this and that figure
Another innocent child killed
In his mother’s arms
In the War
For Freedom and Democracy
In the name of Religion and the God
Against communism or capitalism
‘’Sleep, my baby, sleep
Now you are free’’

I could swim in deep waters
Who cares where I come from
And to where I am heading?


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