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LAST WORDS (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

The last words
Do not come to an end
There are always more to say
Freeing themselves as pearls
From a broken necklace
Hopping on the marble floor in joy
While the Truth is rocked
In the arms of
The suffering
New last words pour out
To carpet the ground
With withered yellow leaves of autumn
They rustle with the gentle western wind
Gather in secluded corners
Some face the sky
But most kiss the morning dew
On green grass
By the Path
Up to the Mountains
Crowned for commemoration of
The Sigh
The tantalizing sun can now rest
Behind the dark gray clouds
Loaded with silent mourning
And lick its wounds
A few drops disturb the stillness of the Lake
The Relief
Letting go of the madly beating little heart of the sparrow
Has always been hard to
The Soul

Here’s my last word:
Just look at me.

BATTLE (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

The soldiers are sleeping
Tired and wounded
After a long
Hard-fought battle
You ask who won?
Just a minute
Let me check up on TV.

HELP (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

Excuse me
Where is the bathroom, please?
I just smashed to death
The last crumbles of hope.

WHY? (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

Waves come
Waves go
The rock shines
Washed clean

People come
People go
Why do I not shine
Washed clean?

PARDON (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

Pardon me
I didn’t mean to disturb
I was only trying to catch
A giggle hidden
In the folds of the curtain.

QUESTION TO THE OWL (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

Tell me
The Old Wise Owl
Would the ghostly touch
Of a phantom love
Make one shiver?
Why would it bleed
If the knife was unreal?

THE REASON (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

My Love
Is cold now
Up in the north
This is why
I’m wearing this thick coat
In a warm autumn afternoon.

STATUS FILE REPORT (Tuesday, October 30, 2012)

Eyes: Checked
Fond of little things in life
Morning dew on the grass
Clouds in flames
Scattered yellow leaves
The baby smiles
No further action required

Nose: Checked
Not in good condition
Due to under-use
Intentionally or not
Let it rest for a while
Until no longer afraid to smell in
A bouquet of roses
The skin of the Beloved

Lips: Checked
Tighter than usual
A faint smile observed
Now and then
Forced or not
Let it remain tight for a while
Until no longer afraid to invite

Tongue: Checked
Since I found out that
Words are meaningless
At one point
The crutch of my lonely Heart
Let it remain silent
Until there is someone
To listen to what I say

Hands: Checked
In good shape
The softness of my kitty
And my daughter’s hair
Fragile rose dried in
Saramago’s Blindness
The warmth of my coffee mug
In between my palms
The strength of hugging myself
No further action required

Feet: Checked
Unwilling to ‘’go’’
Since destinations do not differ
Wherever you go
You are
Let them remain as they are
Until goings take me

Heart: Checked
Too tired to mourn

Soul: Checked
Too serene to be disturbed.

AT STARBUCKS (Monday, October 29, 2012)

Same Starbucks
In the US
Spain and
Different people

Different Starbucks
In the US
Spain and
Same people

A young girl is studying at one corner
A thick book open on her lap
She underlines and takes down notes
She reads

A young couple by the window
With their two boys
The elder is about four or five years old
Wrestling with his dad
The baby boy is in mom’s arms
His head resting on her shoulder
Looking around
With big curious eyes

A not-so-young man
Short haired
In black from top to bottom
He’s busy with his laptop
An even more serious face
In the fluorescent screen light

Three girls enter the café
Lucky to find a good spot
They sink into the armchairs
And throw the shopping bags on a chair
A short silence
Friable, for sure

A man sits across my table
His eyes on a couple making out
Just next to me
Then he texts on his mobile
The contemporary savior of mankind
From feeling awkward
In the company of himself

The blond girl standing by the door is really gorgeous
Dressed in designer jeans
Carrying a designer purse
Her boyfriend is tall and slim
Wearing a designer t-shirt
And expensive looking shoes
They agree on a table at the far end
She walks in front
Smiles at him
As he grabs her by the waist

They don’t serve pumpkin spice latte here
That may be better for me, though
To loosen the last threads of my heart
Mugs in the shelf read ‘’Turkey’’ or ‘’Ankara’’
Instead of ‘’San Francisco’’
Or ‘’Madrid’’

I’m happy with the last crumbles
Chewing slowly
To please my palate
Carrot cake made of bran
My favorite deli
Not served in ‘’Chicago’’
Or ‘’Berlin’’

Same Starbucks
In the US
Spain and
Different people

Different Starbucks
In the US
Spain and
Same people.

THE AUTUMN LADY (Monday, October 29, 2012)

The yellow leaves of autumn
Loosely attached to the thin branches
Rustle like a sateen cloak
Sweeping the ground
Her porcelain face

Crystals scatter from her blue-black hair
Lips tightly closed
To contain the words

Her eyes are fixed ahead
Two dark nights
To avert curious touches

She breathes slowly
Her in-breath glides on ice
Out-breath kisses softly
The yellow leaves of autumn.

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