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A PROMISE (Friday, November 30, 2012)

A small flower blossomed
Pale yellow petals
On a thin body and neck

I promise to guard you from harsh winter
Make a barrier with my hands and
Hold close to my chest
Warm you
With my Breath



PERCEPTION (Thursday, November 29, 2012)

Life is more like a set of photo frames
Than a flowing river
In time
Hanging in line
On a string
Swinging leisurely
With your breath.

DO YOU KNOW? (Wednesday, November 28, 2012)

Dragging the body
From day
To day
Silencing the soul
Against upheavals
In the search for
Unloaded clouds

How much do you know about me, my son?

GOOD-BYE TO A DEAR WOMAN (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)

On the grass

A task
To do

Hesitant heartbeats

Cold inside

Time to go M’am
Let go.

LETTING GO OF A PAST LOVE (Monday, November 26, 2012)

Love is like a spider web
No matter how unfair
And the need to let go
So relevant
It sticks all over
You tear some threads
Only to be caught by new
And left breathless
That you will ever see
The blue sky again

One day
You remember your old school days
The Law of Conservation of Energy
The fact that Libido
– The Energy of Life –
Has a constant amount
And some famous quotes of
History-making commanders
On battle strategy
About concentration of forces
At one field only
The others being supportive
And that
Retreat is not always a defeat
While waiting for the right moment
And enforcing the army
For the final battle

This is when
You are released.

LAPTOP CLEANSING (Sunday, November 25, 2012)

I organized the files on my laptop recently
Deleted irrelevant ones
Formed new folders
Renamed some systematically
For easier spotting

I came across some old chats saved
To go over them
And again
In the hope for
Discovering something
An answer
A clue
To my dreams
And what actually happened later
To feel them
Beside me
Hand in hand
My head
Over their chest
Dreaming of the warmth
I desperately needed
To derive lessons
For the ‘’next’’ time
With big
Big promises of ‘’never and ever’’s
Only to bump into the same concrete wall

I moved all those files
Into a new sub-folder
That I named
‘’Materials to be used’’
Under the ‘’Writing’’ folder.

BLESSINGS AND MISSINGS (Saturday, November 24, 2012)

I woke up early this morning
Around 4:00 am
Instead of turning the light on to read
Or jump out of bed
I lied down
Under the thick quilt
Silent in the heart and
The mind
As my kitty watched the dawn
Then I noticed the rise of nagging thoughts
That some I know have everything
One – I – could ever want
Of course
There could still be ‘’something’’
A gap to fill
A void devouring all their blessings
Like a dark hole
Right in their chest
Black and ominous
Leading to the Underground
The mouth of the volcano
The restless Monster
Whipped and chained
For the time being
Groans muffled
Holes tucked tight with cloth
And painted
As if a solid concrete wall
Impermeable to the brutal cries
Down There
All set to deaf silence
Under the eggshell-thick Conscious

That’s not my point
There are people that I know
Who have everything
One – I – could ever want

I counted my blessings with my fingers
The major categories only
And came up with a total of ten
Then I counted what was missing
There were only three
The first was not really missing
Who would not want more money
To travel to places they would like to see
But there was nothing I could do about it
I was left with two
Nothing I could do for one of them
To be loved back by the special man I love
Whoever he will be
In the end
I was happy to narrow the to-do list
To only one item

I knocked on the door of the old wise Owl
Afraid he would be already asleep
He let me in
Stood in front of me
Eyes fixed on mine
Ready to listen to this eccentric woman
I asked him politely
If he knew what that only item was
Missing in my life
That I could do something about
With the smile of a victorious commander
On my lips
Finally a difficult question
That I knew the answer

He flapped his wings twice
And closed his eyes to sleep
I swear
I saw him wink at me
Maybe it was not he
But the mischievous morning sun
Peeking in and playing.

FAREWELL TO DARKNESS (Friday, November 23, 2012)

The tide is over
Gates to the pitch black galleries
Closed and
Relax my wounded soul
Relax my baby
Under the white winter sun
Now it’s time to enjoy

FEELINGS (Thursday, November 22, 2012)

On my heart
I left
Up in the North
For an illusion.

TAKE CARE, OKAY? (Wednesday, November 21, 2012)

It must be much colder now
Out in the field
Up North
Please dress thick and
Do not forget
To wrap a scarf
Around your neck
Where I still bury
My nose deep in
When I go to bed
Wake up
In the morning.

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