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HOSTING (Monday, December 31, 2012)

Lemon cake is just out of oven
It rose as high as it could
It smells yummy
Coffee’s still brewing
The beans collected by a newly married woman
In Ethiopia
Her eyes shining in the Present
A vague smile of the Tomorrow
I push the round table by the window
And lay the dusty rose-colored tablecloth
Pink tulips canvassed along the borders
I was twelve or thirteen then
A hot and long summer when
The days swayed idly on the clothesline
Neatly folded and later wrapped
In white soft linen
My finest china washed
Placed on the canvas
Small pink flowers on the rim
Plates for two
Cups for two
Matching sugar-bowl
And of course
Forks from my set for distinguished guests
Rose-colored napkins folded diagonally
In the middle of the table
There stands a small pot of African violets
Dark purple with no spots
It’s neither cold
Nor warm inside

Ready for the Joy
A long lost friend.

GIVING UP (Sunday, December 30, 2012)

Done with the words
Time to hush my exhausted heart
And wipe off tears
In my soul

Follow my breath.

A JAR OF BLESSED MOMENTS (Saturday, December 29, 2012)







A jar
To collect the blessings
Throughout the New Year
Colored pieces and beads
Mounted one by one
With love
With a heart
Bigger than love
I hear the waves
On my fingertips
As I caress the seashells

I know what would be
On the first piece of paper.

UPDATE (Friday, December 28, 2012)

Fallen off my heart
Hanging to my mind
On a thin string.

MISSING (Thursday, December 27, 2012)

I feel my arms
Yes, they’re here
Where supposed to be
My ears
My eyes
I rub my nose
A little cold
But sound and safe
I tap my teeth
Like drumming!
I can even play my favorite march
I stroke my legs
From top
To my toes
The left little toe hurts
Not a surprise
Now I pinch my body

I don’t know what
Something is

THE MORNING TASK (Wednesday, December 26, 2012)

When I wake up
The first thing I do is
To cuddle my kitty
And curl in bed just like her
Looking inside
Right deep in my chest
Under the breastbone
More specifically
To check
If the dim flame is still on

There is a candle in there
Thick and ivory
Not scented or lovely shaped
Just an ordinary
Cylindrical candle
And maybe more than half
Already consumed

But you don’t see it.

TODAY (Tuesday, December 25, 2012)

I know
It’s going to be
A beautiful day

THE SEASON’S FEELINGS (Monday, December 24, 2012)

Flutter of butterfly wings
Barely visible
Upheaval of the calm sea
Deep at the bottom and
Almost unnoticeable curling of the lips
A slight excitement
Waiting for something happen
Something better than ‘’good’’
Something thundering
To tear the gray clouds apart
And let the sunshine in
Warming my heart
Warming my chilling soul

That’s what
The Season

THE SNOW QUILT (Sunday, December 23, 2012)

Snow covers the soil
Deep in the roots are asleep now
Dreaming of a warm embrace
The tender touch of the Spring
As growing pains are alleviated
With the soft kiss of a smile

Snow covers the stone pathway
Leading to the garden
Little footsteps dancing merrily are asleep now
Frequent stops here and there to pick daisies
In search for a four-leafed clover and
To gaze at the parade of ants in wonder

Snow covers a bird nest
Deserted and vulnerable on bare branches
It is asleep now
Lullabied by the memory of joyous baby chirps
Hungry for food
Hungry for love

Snow covers the lady statue
In the center of the pond
She is asleep now
Bent slightly forward
To salute her waltz partner
No hint of what she feels in her empty eyes


HEARTACHE (Saturday, December 22, 2012)

Lighted sky over the hills
Dense gray clouds
Traveling across
Doves are drinking water
In a puddle
A thin layer of snow
Covers the green grass
The chimneys giggle and burst into laughter
One after the other
Some together
Like an atonal musical piece
Accompanied by the rattling tin door
And wuthering song of the Northern Wind

Another year flows by
Leaving some on the banks
Carrying the rest along
That’s life
I know
I turn back to take a last glance
And say the forbidden words aloud
My voice is muffled
My heart

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