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Hello, how have you been doings
I hope all is fine with yous
Take cares
Thank yous
All dispersed
Some caught by the tail of a jetliner
Some hiding in the cloud
Some suspended up in the air
Like a faded photograph
Black is no longer black
White no longer white
Some dying with the ripples in the pond
Nothing to complain

Untold words
Hidden desires
Inaudible song of the black swan
Promises made for one’s self
That nobody knows
All precipitated
Some under a mossy rounded rock
Some attached lightly to a delicate fern
Some covered with sand
Like a necklace lost years ago
Gold is no longer yellow
Silver no longer shining
Some dreaming in the rusty wreck of the sunken ship
Nothing to bother

Such is the cry of a muted soul.

BEING (Wednesday, January 30, 2013)

Solid touch of the tarsal face
Soft grip with toes
On the ground for a moment
In the air for another

A pearl
In the line of pearls.

IT WAS MY MIND THAT WAS THROBBING (Tuesday, January 29, 2013)

Sitting on the zafu
The world flows evenly
No twists
No turns
The wells are filled
Peaks blunted
Paths are cleared
Dams deconstructed
Fire is fire
So is ice
Day turns into night
Night into day
None better than the other
The hunted hunts the hunter
Life chases its own tail of death
A forget-me-not blossoms in the garbage field

All still
All flowing evenly.

AFTER THE NIGHTCLUB (Monday, January 28, 2013)

Jean shorts
White sleeveless t-shirt
Black booties
The right one half-displaced
Revealing her delicate ankle
Arms bent and
Placed loosely on the belly

A young woman lying beside a man
She probably did not know
Maybe meeting of quick glances
As the lights sweep the crowd
Or a big smile of excuse
After bumping into him
‘’Oh, sorry’’
Muffled by music
Now lying
Next to a man
She knew or did not

The body of a young woman
Among other bodies
Lined up
Side by side

A story to tell
Among other stories
Stacked up
In the emptiness.

THE TRAVELER (Sunday, January 27, 2013)

Been to more than fifteen countries
Not to mention how many cities
Each one
Hollowing out
In a relentless anger that is suppressed
Deep down
Somewhere deep inside
A multi-layered precipitate of millions of
Lives lived
Lives being lived
Lives to be lived
Covered by a fine dusty debris
Thick enough to claim the right of being there
The natural and shameless domineering act of inertia
Based on
Overwhelming confidence of familiarity
Neither multiplying nor deleted
A precise equilibrium of state

All alike

No escape from the Cage.

DREAM VOYAGER (Saturday, January 26, 2013)

A place in Noland
A building
Probably a house or an office
Nothing special
Nothing loaded with any emotion
I am with people that I should know
But don’t know
Talking about mundane life matters
Yet real
So solid to be real

Homesickness is now asleep
In its darkest gallery
Tired of calling my name
Tired of
Poking me

Now asleep

NO, YOU WOULD NOT (Friday, January 25, 2013)

You would not be you
If I didn’t think of you

Day and night
A feather touches my cheek
Tickles my nose
I smile
A silk scarf covers my neck loosely
Slides down
Stands there
As it is
As it should be
As it has always been
I close my eyes
The first morning coffee carries visions from the past
French toast with fried eggs
A corner for magazines
Glances under the rose
Silent flutter of a young heart
Holding the security belt
To feel the touch
The warmth
Immunity from loneliness

You would not be you
If I didn’t love you.

GOOD-MORNING (Thursday, January 24, 2013)

The white trace of the jetliner lingers up there
Thinner and broader in the West
Travels over the tall city buildings
A dark gray silhouette of rectangles
Against the orange sky
Thin lace clouds are still asleep
Dreaming of where they have been
Where they will be

Unbelievably calm
No wind to sweep
No rain to wash away
Thousands of eyes wide open
In my soul.

THE NATURAL COURSE (Wednesday, January 23, 2013)

Acceptance in mind
Pros listed on the right
Cons on the left
Possible actions
Possible on paper
None left out
Natural consequences of all
Bulleted under
One arm
Encircled in red

Acceptance in the heart
Consequences felt
How would I be if I chose path number one?
How am I right now?
Come on!
Your help is needed
The ‘’frozen I’’ ten years ago
The ‘’passionate I’’ four years ago
‘’Bleeding I’’s after Septembers
Please take a seat
Enough room for all
And even for unexpected guests
Your help

It does not hurt anymore

Yet I’m confused
After each meditation
My face is wet

PROJECTION OF A LONELY SOUL (Tuesday, January 22, 2013)

A day of spring in winter
On the sofa by the window
The discolored quilt laid diagonally
Washed with the sun
Dust particles dancing
In a merry polka
Crinkled and
Slightly more pressed upholstery
On the left
A newspaper folded in four
Half-done puzzle in blue ink


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