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THE WEEKEND (Sunday, March 31, 2013)

Sunday’s asleep
In the arms of a baby boy

Sunday is
In the milk scent

Sweating golden velvety hair



BIRDIE (Saturday, March 30, 2013)

A bird flying high above the crowned hills
In between the green prairie spreading freely
Like a silk sateen cloak
Cut by thin silver strings
Winding idly along and across
To the Sea

Attached to the bird’s wing
My dreams
My lost joy in her little beating heart
And in her eyes
The trace of a life

GARDEN (Friday, March 29, 2013)

A black stain
Among yellow daisies
Pretty lovely
Pretty playful
Now here
Now there

Disappears immediately
When I extend my hand

Oh, my youth
My youth
Wandering on dusty window sills
Like a ghost

Another springtime
In this old garden.

TALK WITH MY HEART (Thursday, March 28, 2013)

Wake up to Spring
My Heart
Trees are blossoming
Soon rosebuds will show up
They will burst open
One after the other
And the road to home will smell linden

Wake up my Heart



I WOKE UP AND (Wednesday, March 27, 2013)

A strange flutter in my soul this morning
Light and joyous
As if sunny outside
As if the newly mown grass smell will fill the room
Through the half-open window
And the morning breeze will gently caress my face
When I step out for work

A strange flutter indeed
As if suddenly
I’m going to leave the car in the middle of the road
And run away
To the hills.

DATE (Tuesday, March 26, 2013)

I have a date
This is why I’m shining today
Wearing my navy laced dress
And nude stilettos
The hair looks fine
My ever-present smile is more radiant
Shoulders erect
And steps more confident than ever

I must hurry
I have a date



WET BLANKET (Monday, March 25, 2013)

Tired of chasing words
Looking at every spot
Moving rocks
Digging the ants’ nests
Poking the cracks in the walls

Not playing anymore

At least



TWO TIRED WOMEN (Sunday, March 24, 2013)

They were two tired women
Holding their old lonely hearts
In their butterfly arms

‘’Sleep my Love, sleep
Stars will rain on to you
And the moon will light your path
To the rainbow dreams
Sleep until morning dew shines
Like pearls in the emerald sea’’

Two tired women they were
Singing the most beautiful lullaby
The velvet night has ever heard.

THE WORD HUNTER (Sunday, March 24, 2013)

I am the Word Hunter
I follow them up to the highest peaks
Crowned with white
My hands bleed
Knees bruised
Face tanned and sore
I pull myself up with the last bit of energy left
Adjusting my eyes and
Wetting my chapped lips
All of a sudden
One of them winks and
Jumps on a cloud passing by
A white puffy cloud
The one I’ve always dreamed
To lie on and watch Life below
It pulls the other
The other grabs the hand of another
Like a merry line of mischievous kids
Holding hands and singing
‘’Not here
Not there
Tell me
Where am I?’’
All I can see is a few waving at the poor me
As the sounds fade away

I follow them
Deep down to the ocean base
Where life is irregularly regular
Almost static as if time has been suspended
Nothing around but a few round stones
And the vast sand
My eyes wide open
Oxygen half empty
The torch scanning around wildly
All of a sudden
It wavers and the vision blurs
One word makes a swift move to the top left
The others follow
The ocean base so vivid
Like a dancing platform where
Red yellow and green sweep the bodies
Swinging shoulder to shoulder
Like an enormous creature
Breathing in to swell
Breathing out to shrink
The lights go out and
A loud melody bursts in my ears
The chorus sings
‘’Not here
Not there
Tell me
Where am I?’’
All I can see is a few waving at the poor me
As the sounds fade away

That’s why
There are so few words
In some of my poems.

LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR (Saturday, March 23, 2013)

What is
Not else

Got it?

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