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CLEAN-CUT (Tuesday, April 30, 2013)

Lying flat on the sea
Like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man
Both ears in water
I hear the voice of mine
Deep inside me
Out of me
Rolling on the waves
Engulfed by the white foam
It splashes on the rocks
A hole in one of them
About the size you get
When you touch your thumb with index finger
A small crab climbs up through it
A wave hits
Now retreats
Still there

The heavy precipitate of time is cross-sectioned.

CRAZY THOUGHTS (Monday, April 29, 2013)

I dream you
Standing right behind the door
With your bashful smile
Your eyes clouded by broken glass pieces
Pinned on an absent point on wood
Hands open and close awkwardly
As big as the copper moon
As heavy as the thick night settled on the valley

I can see
You are ready to collapse in
And seal your thick shell

Words are caught in the northern wind.

SUNDAY WALK (Sunday, April 28, 2013)

A couple in the park
Walking fast for fitness
For a healthier life
Maybe to help lose weight for the woman
Maybe the man was dragged out because they are a couple
Meant to be together
To sleep together
To spend time together
Walking fast on the walking route

A quiet Sunday morning
Sunny and warm
The spring has spread her cloak full blown
Over the gardens
In the soil
And the trees

The woman talks and talks
Complaining about a coworker
On the first tour
The fourth
The fifth
Talks and talks

I jog away from them
Shaking my head to clean my ears
Waving off the heaviness in the air
I make three more tours along the pool
Eyes closed
With a big smile on my face
The water fountains pull me in
I don’t resist.

IMPORTANT ISSUES (Saturday, April 27, 2013)

‘’Hidrellez’’ is coming
A pagan tradition, I know
For the first time in my life
I’m going to be a part of it
I will draw my wish on paper
And bury under a rose tree before midafternoon

A strange excitement
A joyous flutter in my chest
Still undecided about what to draw
Can it be more than one wish?
All on one piece of paper or each separately?
Should I designate any priorities?
How deep to bury?
Will it come true when the paper dissolves?
What if a dog digs it out?
Can I write a word, maybe a few letters
Or should there be none?

Nowadays these questions occupy my mind
Pull me by the sleeve
Poke me in my dream and
Startle in the deep thickness of the night
But no question that
These wishes will come true
Once I follow the unwritten ancient rules
Lying silently in the debris
At the ocean base.

DETAILED EXAMINATION (Friday, April 26, 2013)

I made a complete tour around
My eyes fixed to detect ANYthing
Then I lifted it from one side
Very silent and gentle I was
And peeked under

I gained some courage and straightened my back
Approached it with a subtle smile
The smile of half-relief
And a pinch of ‘’I knew it’’ wisdom
I took it in both hands
Felt every single part to detect ANYthing
Very silent and gentle I was
All soft without knots

My heart was free.

THE AWARENESS DAY (Thursday, April 25, 2013)

Dreams are washed in morning dew
These hands
This body is mine


Water is running up to the rosebud.

C’EST LA VIE (Wednesday, April 24, 2013)

A bird flew across a handful of sky at the window
My heart got parched
I breathed in
The sea swelled
I breathed out
Dozens of lanterns hanged in the air.

HOW I SPENT THE HOLIDAY (Tuesday, April 23, 2013)

A lazy morning it was
No work
No hustle
A brand new day borrowed from the child ‘’me’’

The sun entered the bedroom like an uninvited guest
Smiled at me
Then whistled away
His hands in his pockets
He suddenly took out his right hand
Holding a small coin in his fingers
It shone like a crystal drop on a rose petal
He winked at me
I shut my eyes
Took a deep breath
And made my wish
As I nodded
He flipped the coin
Or the crystal drop I can say
We both watched it twirling up in the air
It landed on white puffy sails in the navy ocean
The ship horned twice
Telling me to hurry
I jumped from cloud to cloud breathless
My cheeks burning
My heart pounding
Suddenly I found myself on a rainbow
Sliding fast down
Right into the water
I waved and shouted
The white-bearded sailor hurled a life buoy
Right beside me
The rest was easy

I searched the floor
The sailor’s hammock
Stairs leading up to the pole
With many crystal drops in my hair
Or coins I can say.

TO-DO-LIST REVISED (Monday, April 22, 2013)

To be a leaf in the stream
A fluffy cloud in blue sky
A rosebud on the top branch
And a ball of crumpled paper in the fireplace.

SUNDAY BAKING (Sunday, April 21, 2013)

First I took a bar of past
Melted it slowly
Added a pinch of losses
Three table spoonful of unmet expectations
Two quarts of broken promises warmed at room temperature
And five cups of dust of a long lost love

I kneaded it thoroughly
Until all merged in one amorphous mass
About the size of a ball
Smaller than softball
Bigger than tennis ball
I smoothed it in a pan
Applied the thick precipitate of heartbreaks with a brush
And cooked it for 40 minutes in the oven

When the time was up
I took it out careful not to burn my hands
It did not smell at all
Or looked attractive as my friend had told me
I crumbled it into small pieces
To feed the sparrows in the garden

I bet they liked it
As joyous chirps accompanied me
All day.

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