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THE NEWS (Friday, May 31, 2013)

The red balloon is still there
Attached to the wires

No more words to speak
No more lines to write.

NO PAIN (Thursday, May 30, 2013)

When I think of you
It doesn’t hurt anymore
I poke my sleeping heart
Dig deep into memories
My face red and shining with sweat
Arms aching
The pants and shirt dirty
Panting as I get into the heart of the thick debris
I once locked away
Not to see
Not to touch

It doesn’t hurt

MY NIGHT DREAMS (Wednesday, May 29, 2013)

I remember my dreams very rarely
Three or four times a year at most
Short fragments
Maybe just a snapshot
Some are realistic
About mundane life issues
And I wonder why they have this privilege
A few are symbolic
First I watch it from a distance
From right and left
Top and bottom
Then I take it in my hands gently
So as not to wake the Giant
Or the Sleeping Beauty – whatever
I feel its texture
The rough spots on the surface
Figures carved out clumsily
The paint overbrimming here and there
Little bumps and pits
I squeeze it in my palm
Curious to see what will leak out
Sometimes a dark thick fluid
Or a long-lost feeling I cannot name
A solid object with sharp contours
That does not resemble anything that I use
Have ever used
At other times it is annoyingly discreet
Watching poor me
With a crooked smile of victory and pity on its lips.

A MORNING TALE (Tuesday, May 28, 2013)

Once upon a time
There was a woman
In love
With being in love
Her heart fluttered like a joyful birdie
Eyes were diamonds in the Still Lake
When she smiled
She smiled with all her body
Her feet kissed the cobblestones
Each step a rose petal
Falling down in the Southern Breeze

There was something magical in her
The fairies danced with an unknown melody
The flute introduced
Then the cello caught and carried
Something too volatile to be real
Ready to dissolve in the Evening Sky
When the red and orange veil gave its last kiss
To the Deep Sea ever-present
Something fragile one would be afraid to touch
A butterfly resting in the shade on a yellow daisy
The first snowflake on the blanket left in the porch
The old wooden chair still warm with memories


LESSON – 7 (Monday, May 27, 2013)

Drop the pebbles in your palm
Into the quiet sea
One by one
Take your time
And watch
With your inner eye

Is your hand empty?
Is it the same as if you’ve never held them?
Are the ones you released no different
From those already there
Resting in crystal clear water
Kissed by the waves and
Caressed by the gauzy seaweed?

You carry their imprints
And they carry yours

THE ROUNDED GRAIN (Sunday, May 26, 2013)

Daily exam of ‘’how I am’’

Closure of ‘’me’’ door

Goose pimples and
The heaviness on the forehead are solid
Purrs of my Taffy
Her soft hair ease transition to the Vague
The monotonous talk of the crows
Are interrupted by sparrow songs
The view from my window – is it the same? –
Keeps its irresolute distance
I wonder how it appears
To be unconcerned but caring

My morning coffee’s good
So is this state

A perfectly rounded grain can escape from grinding
On its own
As it is.

GOOD-MORNING, MY ECEM (Saturday, May 25, 2013)

My sweet baby
My cutie pie

An idle Saturday morning touches my soul tenderly
Warm breaths rise to dissolve away
Leaving a trace not seen but felt in your fingertips
A long-forgotten melody sneaks in
And gives me goose pimples
My love spreads over your delicate body
The soft baby blanket I yearned for a lifetime

Time passes by somewhere
Far away.

A QUESTION FOR YOU (Friday, May 24, 2013)

Which one hurts?

Rolling down under the blue sky

Diving deep into the abyss


Flying to the sun


ELEGY TO MEMORIES (Thursday, May 23, 2013)

A box of silver pencils on my desk
Standing upright in the triangular base
None used
Brand new
Four years have passed

A pair of golden earrings
Crescent shaped
Shining as if the first day of production
Side by side in my jewelry box
Ten years have passed

A black and white picture taken in the schoolyard
Fall or spring I don’t know
Three girls hugging and smiling
Three to-be doctors
Radiant with love and youth
Thirty-five years have passed

Facebook profile still active
Birthday wishes from acquaintances
Above a small notice from a friend
Posted about a year ago
‘’Passed away alone in his house
The ceremony will be held…’’
Three years have passed

Where are they?
What have become of them now?

Objects are durable indeed.

LESSON -6 (Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

Getting behind mirrorized eyes
Is only possible when
The ice melts and
Flows quietly in its path.

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