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SEE? (Thursday, June 20, 2013)

A beautiful day today
Heavy stuff left at home
‘’Indispensable’’ people dispensed with
Doors slammed

I’m after a red ball
Hopping down the stairs
In the upper town.

FINALLY (Wednesday, June 19, 2013)

I woke up early as usual
The sun was more inviting
The morning breeze warm and caressing
I was surprised to feel gooey
A thick amorphous slime on the sheet
And all over my skin
I checked thoroughly
No wound
No dirty joke of my friend
I was almost sure it was over
That nothing had remained behind
Completely clean and dry
Nauseated I could barely make to the toilet seat
Kneeled down to throw up
Flushed it twice
Then forced with my finger a couple of times
For the last remnants
After half an hour or so
I was okay
Cleaned in the shower
Dried my hair
And put on makeup
I tiptoed back to the bed
To pick the sheet
Holding it in one hand
I tucked it into a trash bag
Tied it firmly
Threw into the big garbage bin
Just outside my apartment complex

I was a little late for work
But happier than ever
Now that you were completely gone.

BE NOT AFRAID (Tuesday, June 18, 2013)

Let the shadows dance in the moonlight
Let them elongate and
Twist slowly on the great wall
Let the shameless faces hide in dark corners

The night burns in your footprints.

ANOTHER DAY (Monday, June 17, 2013)

No anger
No hatred
Only the suffering of our children
Away from home
Away from the warm mother’s embrace
Out there
On the streets
In the doorsteps
Dark and wet
Behind glass panes
The only shield
On the cold floor of a hotel
That once hosted their graduation prom
Now stained with vomit and blood

Day or night
Nobody knows
In this thick cloud of dust
In the arena of lions

I am bleeding
No anger
No hatred.

MOM, CAN YOU HEAR ME? (Sunday, June 16, 2013)

I can’t see anything
A veil of darkness around
Has bombing ended?
I’m afraid
Hold my hand as you used to
When I was a little kid
Kiss me good night and
Check under the bed for the monster
He is big and really dark

I can’t hear anything
Deafened by sirens and the crowd
Has everyone gone?
I’m afraid
Sing me the lullaby you used to
‘’My love
My only baby
I love you so much
Let the dream fairy touch you
Until the oak tree wakes up’’

I can’t feel anything
My arms and legs are numb
My wound goes deep
I’m afraid
Place the blanket over me
It’s so cold now
Please don’t cry
I’ll be okay
When I wake up
In the morning.

THE NIGHT OF HELL (Saturday, June 15, 2013)

A small and sticky ball rolls down the hill
But very dense indeed
Bumps into the rocks
Hops over the pits

It gets bigger on the way
Bigger and alluring
It gathers the blood and bones
The tears running down the young faces
Swollen neck veins
Soiled hands
Hoarse voices and sore throats

A young man catches the Shadow by the leg
As he falls down in the arena of Armageddon
And the velvet night whispers:
‘’You’re safe in my hands, my boy
Sleep in peace now’’

No past
No tomorrow.

INDEED (Friday, June 14, 2013)




Very much alive

Very much real

BEHIND THE BARRIERS (Thursday, June 13, 2013)

Breathing in
I rise above the gas cloud
Breathing out
I place the quilt of stars on you

Sleep my Baby
Sleep my Love
I’m watching over you

The birds of prey are far away.

YOLCULUK BAŞLADI (12 Haziran 2013, Çarşamba)

Bir sabah uyandılar
Gözlerinde göğün mavisi
Çimenin yeşili
Kulaklarında kuş cıvıltıları

Kocaman yüreklerini aldılar ellerine
Bağcıklarını bağladılar
Çantalarını sırtladılar
Koyuldular yola

Sabah güneşi yüzlerini aydınlattı
Meltem saçlarını okşadı

Anneleri arkalarından seslendi:
‘’Nereye oğlum?
Nereye kızım?’’

Dönüp gülümsediler
El salladılar
Hep birlikte.

THE JOURNEY STARTED (Wednesday, June 12, 2013)

They woke up one morning
The blue of the sky
The green of the grass
In their eyes
Chirps in their ears

They handled their big hearts gently
Shouldered the knapsacks
And set on the path

The morning sun illuminated their faces
The breeze caressed their hair

Their moms called from behind:
‘’Where are you going, my son?
Where are you going, my daughter?’’

They turned
Smiled back
And waved bye
All together.

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