2:30 a.m.
Awake in bed as usual
With no reason that I know
Or some reason not to be poked
That is not our point

I heard a ‘’tap tap’’ sound on the window
Thought what the heck’s in the middle of the night
I got up and pulled the curtain aside
There stood my friend
The old wise owl
I was happy to see him
Very happy indeed

I asked him to step in
After a short exchange of hello’s
How are you’s
He stared at me
Not sure in blues or
A little frustrated

‘’What happened Mr. Owl
What are you thinking
If you have a problem
Just blurt it out
So we can take care of’’ said I

The wise owl moved
Spruced himself up
‘’My problem is with you Milady’’
Then he went silent

I opened my eyes widely
Long time no see
Actually years since I last talked with him
The wise owl moved back
Still staring at me
And burst into laughter
Kind of bitter

‘’Of course
What did you think
My eye always on you
My breath with yours
Did you think I would not notice
How you are brooding on the matter
Handling and
Cutting into pieces
Then putting together

Listen to me Milady
Character traits do not change
No matter how hard one tries
They are carved deep in your soul
With blood and sweat
With the disappointment and
Shame of the little kid

Take my word:
The weak is always weak
Blaming others for his misery and
Destruction of inner peace
They know not
Inner peace is not a tower of playing cards

Some never grow up
While others to an old wise man
In the body of a child

Walk your walk
And talk your talk.

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4 thoughts on “VISIT OF AN OLD FRIEND (Sep 25, 2019)

  1. Confronting a sad truth… well done.

  2. Unfortunately it is is the truth 😦

  3. “Inner peace is not a tower of playing cards” – like

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