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LEAVING (Saturday, June 22, 2013)

‘’Let me go’’
Said the woman

‘’The morning is crumpled
Breaths are suspended
Like a thick crust over the Valley
I had a hard time to silence my Heart
As I set it free to sail on the grape leaf
Down the purple hill
Wrapped in a long-forgotten lullaby
I sang softly

Just a few minutes to watch and absorb
The water drops on my fingertips
Each shining like diamonds
On the Crown of the Blues Lady

I will be gone’’.

CHECKPOINT (Saturday, May 11, 2013)

Off my mind
Off my heart

Now and then
On my tongue

A few memories but
‘’I’’ in them is not ‘’me’’.

FINITO (Tuesday, February 5, 2013)

Endings end
Not when one ends
Hundreds of decisions made
Promises given to the Self
Spoken aloud
Carved on stone
Waking up a new day
A smile settles first
The load feels unloaded
Curtains are pulled apart
To let the sun shine in
Windows opened
So that the wind will sweep away
Its slightest trace that has remained
At some point
The shadow penetrates through the cracks
You know
It is there
Winking at you
Grinning widely

Endings end
Not when one ends
But when the stream completely dries up
When it is time
To end.

THE LAST BATTLE (Sunday, February 3, 2013)


I feel
It’s close

One more scratch with bleeding nails
Frantic struggle to hold on
To pull the body up

Breathing in
I invite the strength of my kind
My ancestors
Unborn babies and
Ageless companions on the Path

Breathing out
I will step on the meadow
To touch the dew
To balm my wounds
And let the morning breeze rock me to sleep


I feel
Almost there.

THIS FAR (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

Good old boy!
You played the game of flirting well
She was ready
To fall for you
You said the words she’d die to hear
Only to use her
She was naïve, for sure
With the heart of a teenager
In her old body
You knew how to string her
You had no idea
What you meant for her
She’d flare up at times
Slapping the truth to your face
But you knew it would not last long
She would always come back

It went this far, buddy

The purple sky
On the prairie
The crystal glass
Is broken.

TASK OF THE DAY (Saturday, December 8, 2012)

I collected the words
One by one
Into a small straw basket
Lined with a pink sateen ribbon
Folded the promises into four
Careful to align the edges
Boiled the hopes in the rusty cauldron
Mixing slowly
From right to left
From left to right
Until thickened exactly
How it should be
Cut the hopes into a star
Pinned up
To the tail of the white fluffy cloud
And watched it
Sail gently
Across a patch of sky

Now I’m ready.

LETTING GO OF A PAST LOVE (Monday, November 26, 2012)

Love is like a spider web
No matter how unfair
And the need to let go
So relevant
It sticks all over
You tear some threads
Only to be caught by new
And left breathless
That you will ever see
The blue sky again

One day
You remember your old school days
The Law of Conservation of Energy
The fact that Libido
– The Energy of Life –
Has a constant amount
And some famous quotes of
History-making commanders
On battle strategy
About concentration of forces
At one field only
The others being supportive
And that
Retreat is not always a defeat
While waiting for the right moment
And enforcing the army
For the final battle

This is when
You are released.

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